Creating "linked" accounts for upload transactions only, or what to do if your bank isn't listed?

If you can't link your bank account for automatic downloads, you can still create a form of "linked" account that will let you upload transactions.  This link provides guidance on what the upload process is and how to make it work smoothly.

However, it's a little tricky creating an "unlinked linked account" (no pun intended!).  You must have a linked type GL account in order to upload transactions, but it's never actually linked, hence the funny name.

You do this by following these steps:

1.  From the dashboard click "Link a bank or credit card account"

2.  From there you get a screen to type in part of the name of your bank.  Type a bank name, any bank name, it won't matter. This is the tricky part, as the system needs a bank to connect to, and this list comes from Intuit our data partner, you have to pick a bank name.  Pick any one, doesn't matter.

3.  Once you've picked a bank, click the green "Next" button.

4.  On the next screen it will be asking for bank credentials, ignore that and look in the upper right corner.  You'll see a gray button that says "Upload Data Manually".  Click that.

5.  On this screen you'll get detailed instructions for uploading your first data file. 

After this follow the instructions on this screen and the more detailed explanation in the FAQ above.

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