Why Cheqbook has one column for debits, credits, deposits, payments, yada, yada, yada.

One of the things you will note right away about our register (whether it's a checkbook register or a credit card) is that there is only ONE column for numbers.

We argued about this for literally months (OK years, we still do actually) but in the end having one column instead of two has remained victorious.

Why?  Well, two columns can be replaced if you simply put a negative '-' symbol in front of any number.  For example in a check register payments reduce the balance so you'd put a negative because after that payment you have less money in the bank.  Bank deposits would increase the balance so are positive.

Now this get's confusing (BUT big hint coming shortly!) because the correct sign changes depending on the type of account you're in.  For example when you're in a credit card register payments you make with it (i.e. charges on the card) INCREASE the balance because you now OWE the credit card company more money instead of having less money in your checking account!  

Now almost every other software creates two columns so you don't have to use a negative number, and then goes on to tell you what each column is for.  In a bank the first column is 'payments' and the second 'deposits'.  On a credit card register the first column is 'charges' and the second is 'payments' (for payments made against your credit card balance).

We decided (and it may turn out we were wrong) that we could save space for tablets and other smaller screens by eliminating the column.  However, here's the HINT:  we still tell you what to do in the title.  A bank account register header is "Deposits/<Payments>" and a credit card register is "Charges/<Payments>".  The brackets "< >" is an old school accounting format for negative numbers.

So instead of needing two columns, just put a negative in front of the numbers that need it.  We think it's better, what do you think?

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