How to reauthenticate my Bank Account at Cheqbook

There are some cases where Cheqbook may not be able to sync transactions from your bank account. In this case, you may need to reauthenticate your bank account at Cheqbook. Please use the following steps to get your transactions syncing again.

  • Log into your online Bank or Credit Card account. This is needed to verify the following.
    - Your username and password are correct.
    - You have not been locked out of your account
    - There is no problem at your bank. 
  • If you are succesfully able to log in, next log into to Cheqbook.
  • Click the company you want to use.
  • From the "Accounts" menu, select "Manage"
  • Click "Manage" next to the linked account you want to change.
  • Click "Reauthenticate"
  • Enter the username and password
  • Click "Submit"
  • Fill out additional questions if asked.
  • If you are unable to reauthenticate, please contact us at
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